SVG management made easy for designers & developers

SVG Gobbler is a browser extension for finding, optimizing, organizing, editing, and exporting SVGs like never before.

Manage your SVG assets

SVG Gobbler makes it easy to find, organize, edit, and export SVGs


Find SVGs from any site and organize them into collections

Find SVGs from any site with ease. Store, optimize, and organize them into collections for easy access.


Reduce bundle size and improve the performance or your site or app

Optimize, view, edit, and minify SVGs with SVGO. SVGs can be minified by removing unnecessary data, comments, and metadata manually in the editor.


Easily export your SVGs in a variety of formats and sizes

Export as SVG, PNG, WEBP, JPEG and various other formats. Transform SVGs into minified Data URIs or React components with SVGR.

Loved by over 50,000+ designers and developers

See what folks are saying about SVG Gobbler in reviews

    • This extension is much, much easier than inspecting the element and trying to grab SVG code (or those moments you find Base64 encoding...) Super useful and pumped to add this to my suite of tools.

      Tressley Cahill
      Chrome Web Store Review
    • This is the best extension to export SVGs compared to other extensions like SVG Grabber. Works smoothly. Nice UI.

      Firefox Add-ons Review
    • I often want to gobble all the SVGs. Where to start? How to collect? I am at a loss. Then along comes SVG Gobbler and now, wow. All the SVGs served up for me to gobble with the click of a button. Two thumbs up.

      Roman Sciascia
      Chrome Web Store Review
    • This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! It's so well done — and I love that it offers for optimized and un-optimized copy/download options.

      Chris Messina
      Chrome Web Store Review
    • Love this extension, and find that it works far better than anything else in the Chrome Web Store. Unlike the other tools, it has a great UI that visually indicates file properties that may matter to you, and elegantly hands things like CORS restrictions.

      Justin Beasley
      Chrome Web Store Review
    • This extension is amazing! Thank you so much for building this up

      Lorenzo Cano Cesconetto
      Chrome Web Store Review

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SVG Gobbler is a browser extension for finding, optimizing, organizing, editing, and exporting SVGs like never before.

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Frequently asked questions

Here is some insight into the questions we hear most often. Some questions have never been asked but we thought they were important to answer anyway.

    • Is SVG Gobbler free?

      Yes, SVG Gobbler is free to use.

    • What browsers does SVG Gobbler work on?

      Browser extensions are going through a rough patch with the introduction of manifest v3 from Chrome. A frozen version of SVG Gobbler is available for Firefox. We are working on a new version of SVG Gobbler that will work on all browsers.

    • Who maintains SVG Gobbler?

      SVG Gobbler is a long running side project of Ross Moody.

    • Are there any known issues or limitations with the current version of SVG Gobbler?

      Issues, bug reports, and feature requests can be submitted on GitHub. It is a constantly evolving project and we are always looking for ways to improve it.

    • Can I contribute to SVG Gobbler?

      Yes. SVG Gobbler is open source and contributions are welcome. Follow the link to GitHub from the footer of this page.

    • I have an idea for SVG Gobbler, how do I share it?

      Feature requests can be submitted on GitHub. Follow the link from the header of this page.

    • What is SVG Gobbler and how does it work?

      SVG Gobbler is a browser extension for finding, optimizing, organizing, editing, and exporting SVGs.

    • Is SVG Gobbler compatible with mobile browsers?

      Not at this time. SVG Gobbler is exclusively for finding SVG content in desktop web browser.

    • Can SVG Gobbler work on websites with dynamic content?

      SVG Gobbler finds SVG content on a page in most standard rendering scenarios. There are some known issues with dynamic content especially related to CORS restrictions and embedded webpages. Additionally SVG content rendered from font icons is not currently found.

    • How does SVG Gobbler ensure the security and privacy of its users?

      SVG Gobbler is open-source and free to use. The source code is available on GitHub for anyone to read and ensure the security and privacy is safe.

    • Can I use SVG Gobbler for commercial purposes?

      This open-source browser extension was made, and is intended to facilitate the downloading of SVG icons from websites for personal, educational, or legitimate professional use. Users are expected to respect intellectual property rights and should not use this tool for infringing upon copyrights or for commercial purposes without proper authorization.